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IPPC6: Wednesday 14th – Friday 16th August 2014
Dublin, Ireland

Public Procurement remains a key focus for policy makers in this time of global downturn and austerity. As such both academics and practitioners have a desire to share their research and practice in and open and transparent environment. In Dublin, August 2014, the Sixth International Public Procurement Conference (IPPC6) will take place. The IPPC is the largest international public procurement conference globally dedicated to academic discussion and practitioner engagement. Over the last 10 years having built its profile in attracting partcipants from over 60 countries, it is hoped that the conference in Dublin will exceed this. . more

Best Paper Awards:
There are three best paper awards, with $3,000 for the 1st best paper, $2,000 for the 2nd best paper, and $1,000 for the 3rd best paper. In addition, there are awards for students’ and practitioners’ best papers. Following are three best papers from IPPC5. more





Part V:


PAPER 1 - Sustainable Procurement as a Secondary Policy Tool and Turkey Case
Abdullah Korkmaz

PAPER 2 - Objective Effectiveness of Green Public Procurement
Sofia Lundberg, Per-Olov Marklund and Elon Strömbäck

PAPER 3 - Carbon Footprint Calculators for Public Procurement of Six Product Groups
Maija Mattinen and Ari Nissinen

PAPER 4 - User-Driven Innovations to Decrease Climate Impacts – Finnish Procurement Cases
Ari Nissinen, Maija Mattinen and Katriina Alhola

PAPER 5 - Hundred Percents? Six Years of Sustainable Procurement in the Netherlands
Take Padding

PAPER 6 - The Big Chill: Initial Effort to Save Operating Costs Turned a Complex Project into an Innovative, Green Effort and Sustainability
Cheri Alexander and Robert Mattingly

PAPER 7 - Public Procurement Benchmarking: Conceptual Model and First Empirical Findings
Thu Ha Vu Thi, Michael Essig and Markus Amann

PAPER 8 - The Impact of the Selection of Construction Delivery Method on Achieving Best Value and Sustainablity: The European and U.S. Experiences
J.C. Kawika Vellalos and Stephen B. Gordon

PAPER 9 - Social Value Orientation and Regulation Compliance in Ugandan Public Procurement
Joseph M. Ntayi, Henry Mutebi, Pascal Ngoboka and Gidah Kyeyune

PAPER 10 - Sustainable Procurement: An International Policy Analysis of 30 OECD Countries
Helen Walker, Jeff Mayo, Steve Brammer, Anne Touboulic and Jane Lynchc

PAPER 11 - China and a Sustainable Future: Green Growth and Sustainable Public Procurement Policies and Strategies
Ed Schwerin

PAPER 12 - A Sustainable Public Procurement System for Large-Scale Natural Disasters: The Case of the Temporary Housing Program after the East Japan Earthquake
Satoru Tanaka


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