Proceedings of the 7th International Public Procurement Conference


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Part I. Procurement Innovation


Paper 1

Best Practice in Public Procurement of Innovation
KjetilØstgård and Gunnar Wedde


Paper 2

Paper 2. Modernisation in Public Procurement
Margaret Gilbert


Paper 3

The Transformation into Innovation Friendly Procurement
Louise Strand


Paper 4

Circular Economy: Innovation in Amsterdam Procurement
Bas (W.B.) ten Haaf


Paper 5

Innovation of the Procurement of Social Services through Value Engineering: The Dutch Case
SongulMutluerNagelkerke  and Analucia Jaramillo


Paper 6

How Can Tendering Authorities Stimulate Innovations Within SMEs in Tenders Below Threshold Values?
G.R. (Geke) Werkman-Bouwkamp and M. (Marius) van der Woude


Paper 7

Zindex – Benchmarking Municipalities in Public Procurement
Jan  Soudek and JiříSkuhrovec


Paper 8

Transformative Thinking, Transformative Doing
Sebastian Keith Chua


Paper 9

Incentives and Risk-Sharing in Public Procurement of Innovations: Towards Contracting Strategy Framework                                        
Jani Saastamoinen, Timo Tammi, Jani Saastamoinen, JarkkoPesu,
MattiTurtiainen, and Lasse Okkonen


Paper 10

Rethinking E-Procurement in the Public Sector through Agile and Lean Thinking                                                                                    
Francesco Gardenaland Federico De Marco



Part II. Public Procurement as a Policy Tool


Paper 11

Infrastructure Problems of Developing Nations and Sustainable Development


Paper 12

Twin Policies:  Different “Parents” –The Case of Ethnic Preferences” in Government Procurement                                                                  
Mary Jonhson


Paper 13

Overcoming the Barriers to Green Procurement in the County: Interest Groups and Administrative Professionalism
Christy Smith and Jessica Terman


Paper 14

Sustainability Criteria for Awarding Construction Contracts in Greece
Odysseus G. Manoliadis and Konstantinos I. Vatalis


Paper 15

Measurement of Sustaınable Procurement                                           
Abdullah Korkmaz


Paper 16

Factors Influencing Government Green Procurement Practices: A Structural Equation Modelling Analysis                                            
Khairul Nam Adham and ChamhuriSiwar


Paper 17

Public Procurement as a Tool for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights: A Study of Leverage and Legal Options in the Electronics industryOlga Martin-Ortega


Paper 18

Factoring Affecting China’s Green Public Procurement Implementation: A Synthesis Framework and Evidences from Case Studies                                                                                               
Conghu Wang, Xiaoming Li, YuhuaQiao and Kaifeng Yang


Paper 19

Examining the Response towards Public Procurement Preferences in Tanzania
Reginald G. Mamiro


Paper 20

Sustainable Green Procurement
Willem Siahaya


Paper 21

InformationExchangeinGreenProcurement:Absorptive CapacityView



Part III. Public Procurement Organizational Structure


Paper 22

The Impact of Chinese Fiscal Decentralization on Government Procurement Performance: Evidence from Chinese Government
Procurement in 26 Provinces
Zhiyuan Bai and JieLi


Paper 23

Reliance of Economic Operators on Capacities of Others in Public Procurement Procedures


Paper 24

Application of a Semantic Product Matching Mechanism in Open Tendering E-Marketplaces                                                                 
AhmadMehrbod, AneeshZutshi, AntónioGrilo and Ricardo


Paper 25

Analysis of Using a ‘Central Purchasing’ Model: A Case Study of Hungary for Media and Advertising Tenders


Paper 26

To Centralize or Decentralize?


Paper 27

A Public Administration Reform in the Philippine Public Procurement:  In Response to Promoting Reliability, Transparency and Quality     
RenalynEstiller and Joseph R. Estiller


Paper 28

An Organizational Perspective on the Implementation of Strategic Goals in Public Procurement
Andreas H. Glas, Michael Essig and Markus Schaupp


Paper 29

Centralizing the Organization of Contracting Authorities in German Municipalities
Matthias Einmahl, Markus Amann and Michael Essig


Paper 30

Basic Structure of the Government Procurement Administration in Japan and its Regional Presence: Analysis of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Toru Sakane



Part IV. Procurement Competition


Paper 31

Dominican Public MarketApproach as a DevelopmentToolintheXXI Century


Paper 32

Competition to Reduce Unbalanced Bidding Svante Mandell and JohanNyström


Paper 33

Open Contracting and E-Procurement: An Integrated Approach       
Christ Smith


Paper 34

Beyond Inclusive Procurement: Lessons from School Feeding Supplier Development in Kenya, Ghana and Mali
John Brooks, Katherine Casey and Dick Commandeur



Part V. Procurement Transparency and Corruption


Paper 35

Whistle Blowing Behaviour in Ugandan Public Procurement
Brenda Tumuramye, Joseph M. Ntayi and Moses Muhwezi


Paper 36

Does Corruption in Public Procurement Also Exist in the World’s Least Corruptive Country (Denmark)?                                               
Hanne Marie Motzfeldt and Carina Risvig Hamer


Paper 37

A Research on E-procurement Systems as a Tool to Fight Corruption in Public Procurement: A Kenyan Experience
Jerome Ochieng and Sylvia Aluoch


Paper 38

The Extended Anti-corruption Expertise: Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnership Cases
Andrei Ivanov and Irina Berezinets


Paper 39

Acknowledging Knowledge: The Perception of Knowledge Requirements for Public Procurement Officials and their Professional Development
Adam Williams, Fion Lau and Cliff McCue


Paper 40

How to Best Protect the Procurement Function within your Organisation against Occupational Fraud and Abuse by Empowering your Best Asset:  Your People
Sylvain Mansotte


Paper 41

Avoiding the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal in E-Procurement Systems: Imperative of Transparent Disclosure Norms and Certification of Critical Functionalities


Paper 42

Does Corruption Affect the Execution of Health Infrastructures? An Empirical Investigation
Marina Cavalieri, CalogeroGuccio and Ilde Rizzo


Paper 43

Corruption in Regulatory Reforms: Circumvented Regulation in China's Government Procurement
Na Zhou


Paper 44

Public Procurement In Malaysia:  Is There a Need for Reform? A Look at the Objectives of Public Procurement Principles with Particular Emphasis on Transparency and Accountability
Datin Grace Xavier andJohn Antony Xavier



Part VI. Public Procurement Methods And Approaches


Paper 45

Errors in Bill of Quantity in Public Procurement: How to Improve Accountability and Accuracy
Said Boukendour


Paper 46

Modification of Public Contracts and its Regulatory Models
Xavier CodinaGarcía-Andrade


Paper 47

Public Procurement Procedures Which Attract Only One Bid
Lisbeth la Cour, and GrithSkovgaardØlykke


Paper 48

Matters of Complaints Regarding Violations of the Procurement Procedures in Baltic States                                                                


Paper 49

Evidence-Based Public Procurement Policy and Practice Transformation: A Toolkit for Stakeholder Intervention                    
Chrsitine Tonkin


Paper 50

Application of the Principle of Proportionality: The Case of Penalty Clauses in Estonian Public Contracts
Mari Ann Simovart


Paper 51

The Integrated Approach of Public Procurement
Sonny Sumarsono



Part VII. Procurement Management


Paper 52

Universalistic Rules – Particularistic Implementation: The EU’s Single Market for Government Purchases
MihályFazekas and jiriSkuhrovec


Paper 53

Interface between Public Procurement and Law on Protection of Foreign Investments
Monika Skalova


Paper 54

Implementation of the WTO GPA: Analysis and Prediction for a Potential Member—China
Cheng Tang


Paper 55

Public Procurement Performance and Compliance Monitoring System in Kosovo
IlazDuli, SafetHoxha, DritaGjonbalaj and MersadMujevic


Paper 56

Debarment and Suspension in Public Procurement
Sandeep Verma


Paper 57

Truthful Cost or Pricing Data Act: An Economic Analysis
Chong Wang, Rene G. Rendon and Crystal Champion


Paper 58

Balanced Procurement: The Art of Sharing and Learning
Tanja Huse-Fagerlie


Paper 59

Benchmarking Public Procurement: What It Brings to the Debate
FedericaSaliola, Tania Ghossein, Sophie Pouget, Elisabeth Danon, Maria Paula Gutierrez Casadiego, Natalia Del Valle Catoni, Raquel Mayer Cuesta, Dima Rbeiz


Paper 60

Lacking Partnership in Private Public Partnership Projects
Marijke Nagelkerke and Marcelle van Valkenburg


Paper 61

Causes of Construction Delay in Ethiopian Public Building Construction Projects


Paper 62

Effective Supervision of Public Procurement
Steve Guppy


Paper 63

The Value for Money (VFM) Illusion: An Elusive Principle in the Public Procurement System in Uganda
Godfrey Mugurusi, John Paul Ssettumba and Peter AdokoObicci


Paper 64

Quasi in House Exemption in the EU: A New Deal in the 2014 EU Directives?
Pieter Kuypers


Paper 65

The Effects of the Relationship between Familiarity with Public Procurement Guidelines and Construction Project Cost Performance in Nigeria: A Mediation Approach Using Process Macro


IPPC 7 Papers Selected for Refereed Journal Publications


Journal of Public Procurement, Issue 3, Volume 16 (Fall 2016)

Collusion between Public Procurers and Suppliers In the Context of Japan’s Public Procurement: The Role of the Risks of “Unsuccessful Procurement”

S. Tanaka and S. Hayashi

pp. 291-311

Implementation of Sustainable Public Procurement Practices and Policies: A Sorting Framework

E. Prier, E. Schwerin, and C. P. McCue

pp. 312-346

Elements of Public Procurement Reform and their Effect on Public Sector in LAC

L. E. Harper, A. C. Calderon and J. E. Muñoz

pp. 347-373

Compliance to Acts, Rules and Regulations: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

M. Mbago, J. M. Ntayi and M. Muhwezi

pp. 374-405




Journal of Public Procurement, Issue 4, Volume 16 (Winter 2016)

From Whence the Knowledge Came: Heterogeneity of Innovation Procurement across Europe

A. Rainville

pp. 463-504

Dealing with Legal Loopholes and Uncertainties within EU Public Procurement Law Regarding Framework Agreements

M. Andrecka

pp. 505-527

Disclosure Rules in EU Public Procurement: Balancing between Competition and Transparency

K.-M. Halonen

pp. 528-553

The Role of Firms’ Qualification in Public Contracts Execution: An Empirical Assessment

A. Ancarani, C. Guccio and I. Rizzo

pp. 554-582



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